22. What is VPAT?

4 January 2021

VPAT stands for "Volunteer Product Accessibility Template". VPAT is not mandatory and the only volunteer by the products, small business, consumers, etc. for reporting conformance and doing market research. VPAT is used for self-assessment, consistent format, address the level of support, and help the federal agencies.

VPAT is improved since it's version 2. It includes - Section 508, WCAG 2+ Standards, EN 301 549 standards


Who is behind VPAT

(ITI - Information Technology Industry Council)[https://www.itic.org/] (ITI - Accessibility)[https://www.itic.org/policy/accessibility]


WCAG consists of the accessibility level, success criteria, and conformance rules. Whereas, VPAT is a 'template' to share the accessibility state of the product. VPAT includes - WCAG, section 508, and EN 301 549

VPAT Version

The current version is 2.4 (Feb 2020)

Example of VPAT

VPAT is a template with the required and optional field. It is important to follow the format rather than deviating from the format. VPAT is flexible for:

1) Changing the type of VPAT (.doc, .html. .pdf)

2) Can split the report into 3 (WCAG, Section 508, EN 301 549)

Outline of the VPAT

  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • Basic product information
  • Applicable standards and guidelines
  • WCAG 2x report
  • Section 508 report
  • EN 301 549 report
  • Legal disclaimer (if any)

(Download from resources section)[https://www.itic.org/policy/accessibility]

When to use VPAT

It is useful when you want:

1) More details rather than just Yes/No on the support of the accessibility

2) Levels of support of accessibility

3) Report conformance individually

4) Simple to use

5) Essential requirements

6) Best Practises


In India, we use WCAG. If you are making a product VPAT could be helpful to share the Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR) with anyone. VPAT is a standard format easy to communicate about your product's accessibility. The most important thing about VPAT is that it is 'volunteer' not 'mandatory'

Happy learning!!

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