21. Writing book on Accessibility

1 January 2021

Last month I decided to start writing the book on my learning and experience on accessibility. It is going to challenging yet full of learning journey. Hence, I have decided to share my journey publicly with the developer community.

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Why am I writing this book?

Awareness of accessibility is low in India, especially in the web world. Not just within the web developers but designers, content writers, and testers are not aware of the accessibility. As a result, we have the broken websites and apps around us. I started working on accessibility at my workplace in 2018 and since then there was no looking back.

I have 2 certificates in the accessibility of EDX and IDF.

After voicing a lot on my Twitter, and Linkedin a lot. I started this dedicated space to share my knowledge of accessibility.

Book Outline

  • What is accessibility
  • Whose role is it?
  • Accessibility and Developer
  • Accessibility and Designers
  • Accessibility and content writers
  • Accessibility and Product manager
  • Accessibility and Project manager
  • Accessibility and testers
  • Tools and resources
  • Accessibility Audit
  • Wall of fame


I share my progress on my Twitter. I would like you to follow me to see my progress in writing a book.


Please share your feedback at nsharma215@gmail.com

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