Who should attend?

Anyone who is curious about Accessibility and know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript



  • DAY 1 (25th July)

  • SECTION 1: Introduction

    • Introduction to Accessibility
      • What is Accessibility?
      • WCAG 2.0 and 2.1
      • Prinicples of Accessibility
  • SECTION 2: Problems

    • Accessibility - Broken Experience
      • Hear from the Real users
      • Deep dive into web broken experience
      • Different types of disability
      • Assistive Technologies
  • SECTION 3: Audits

    • Accessibility Audit & Strategies
      • How to do Audit
      • What are the tools to use
      • Automation vs Manual
      • Priorities
      • How to use: Assistive Technologies
  • DAY 2 (26th July)

  • SECTION 4: Hands-on workshop

    • Accessibility Hands-on workshop (we will work on an application to make it accessible)
      • How to write Accessible HTML
      • What is the impact of CSS
      • Animations, images, video, audio - accessibility
      • Accessible UX
      • JavaScript & accessibility
      • Using ARIA-*
      • Accessibility for SPA, ReactJS, VueJS
      • Accessibility Gotchas
      • Best Practices
      • and many more...

Why to Attend?

  • 2-Day dedicated learning
  • 2-Day focused handson workshop
  • Only for 10 folks
  • From a developer to the developers
  • Online but offline like experience
  • Beyond theory
  • Learn how to make accessibility budget
  • 360 degree view of accessibility

Who I am?

Neha sharma - Workshop trainer

Hello, I am Neha Sharma from India. I have 10 years of experience in front-end development. I am an accessibility advocate. I am the founder of a11ytips.dev and JSLovers . I have accessibility certificates from the Interaction Design Foundation and Edx.

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Register for the Workshop

This is a paid workshop and the fee is INR 2500. If you are interested pleasefill this form and I will share the payment details over your email.

The ticket is non-refundable and non-transfable.Questions? neha@jslovers.com