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Nisha Shankar Shetty

UX Designer at HCL Software, Ex-Walt Disney

  1. Could you please tell us about yourself - your work experience, and projects you have done so far?

    Nisha:I am Nisha Shetty, Lead UX Designer (HCL Software UXCoE). I like to design easy to comprehend experiences for the user with a bit of process and a lot of empathy!

  2. Do you give priority to accessibility even if there is no client requirement?

    Nisha:Yes, I prioritise accessibility and I don’t feel designs are complete until they are inclusive

  3. What are the challenges as an architect you have faced for accessibility?

    Nisha: “As a practise: Adopt - Advocate - Reflect”. In design assets:

    1. Color contrast, visual cues
    2. Better target areas, Keyboard support
    3. Voice assistance(if available)

  4. Why in India, designing are not focussing on accessibility as compared to UK/US?

    Nisha:I guess it’s a top-down reflection, the more the leadership practises it, the more it reflects to the bottom of the tree. Plus there are many regulations in UK and US to make products more inclusive

  5. How do we create awareness on accessibility?

    Nisha: I believe, accessibility should not be taught as a process, it should be taught more as a responsibility. When it is added as a process, it loses its context and it remains mere a checklist

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