5. Swiggy Accessibility audit

july 25 2020

I did a simple keyboard access audit by manual testing and here is the report:

Overall the desktop site is not accessible by keyboard. I am not able to:

  1. Access login or signup link

  2. Not able to change the location

  3. Not able to access 'locate me' from the search bar

  4. Not able to again access 'signup' from an internal page

  5. Not able to add the product to the cart

Swiggy accesibility audit

Swiggy accesibility audit

I did the most basic keyboard testing in that it failed so badly. So, far I haven't done the color contrast, structure, and screen reading testing.

Lighthouse scores look good BUT in real-time testing, it failed.

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Swiggy's team response by developer

Swiggy's team response by product manager

Happy Learning!!

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