27. React Day Bangalore, 2021

22 March 2021

What I spoke about?

ReactJS is popular amongst front-end developers. Most of the apps nowadays are using ReactJS. However, yet 'accessibility' is still an ignorant topic. One more point I highlighted here was even though you have a perfect 100 Lighthouse score it won't guarantee you the accessible application by working demo.

Why I picked this topic?

Because ReactJS is a very popular and front-end developer's first choice yet they miss out on the accessibility.


Feedback from Pavithra - Really applaud Neha for her relentless advocacy of a11y related issues in frontend development. Watch her talk for practical tips in accessibility.

Feedback from Niranjan - Almost every conference has talk on accessibility. I was curious what new I would learn in this talk. You managed to bring new flavour to the talk and localization. As you said, Accessibility is not just developer's work, whole team buy in is required. Thanks

Feedback from  Shubhaw - Great talk by Neha on accessibility at React day conference. I learned what not to use and what to use.

Feedback from Ranjan - Thank you Neha for your talk on accessibility. Learned about the aria tags and how important it is for disable folks too.

Feedback from Niranjan - accessibility fundamentals are quite - color contrast, semantic tags but hard to follow. Github.com is failing in this

Feedback from Darshan - Accessibility is the most underrated topic. Thank you covering all the nformative concepts about accessibility

Feedback from Shrilakshim - Thank you Neha for spending your valuable time answering my questions and giving suggestions, links to start on accessibility


Here is the slide of my talk

Questions asked by the audience

  • Does font-size matters for the accessibility
  • For the design system should we make our own or pick the 3rd party one?
  • From where to learn about Accessibility
  • From where to learn Mobile Accessibility
  • Is the ARIA tag picked for SEO too?
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